On the Money Train

This probably won’t come as a massive surprise to anyone who regularly uses this country’s glorious rail network, but if you’re planning on going cross-country it really does pay to do your research.

I’m trying to get to Horsham next week (from Cardiff), and was originally given a return ticket price of £46.60 (with, God bless it, my 16-25 rail card). This was the ‘best price’ to be had around my stipulated arrival and departure times, but on inspection it appeared to involve one connection of 0 minutes, another of 43 minutes and a third requiring I walk to another train station. Now I’m not adverse to walking, but do I know my way around Dorking? No. And could I navigate my way from one station to another in 6 minutes? Probably not.

In the event, I’ve bought each leg of the return journey separately and have managed to get it sorted for £33.90 – a princely saving, then, of £12.70 which I can now spend on train sandwiches and tiny 60p Mars Bars. Hurrah.


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