All Hail Jonathan Ross

Perennial buffoon, Jonathan Ross, will have to pre-record his Radio 2 shows, The Guardian reported today.

Under the ‘tough compliance rules’ issued by the Beeb last October, Woss’s inconsiderate tongue is proving to be a something of a hazard to the happy clappy PC facade Aunty is so keen to portray, and as such his shows will be pre-recorded to make them ‘watertight’.

I, as a rational thinking member of society, am indifferent to the off-hand ‘homophobic’ remark he made about boys asking for Hannah Montana MP3 players (although I’m inclined to say that I’d probably be aghast if any offspring of mine requested one. This is down to my intense dislike of the saccharine Disney fluff though, and not indicative of any kind of veiled homophobia), but the fact remains that while the Thought Police rule the roost, folk like JR have to watch their loud, obscenely overpaid gobs.

So here’s an idea: Bin Ross and his inane gibbering and replace him with someone who will, for a fraction of the price, do a professional job which won’t continually land the BBC in very expensive hot water. As my previous posts illustrate, there are thousands of media types chomping at the bit, raring to go, and within them there must exist at least one broadcast journalist devoid of the enormous delusions of grandeur and self-important arrogance that keeps making a mockery of the industry.


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