Ink Yer Shoulder…? Pt 2

Props to everyone who voted for my new career direction. I have to be honest though, I get the impression that a lot of the voters were kindly old ladies who stumbled upon my blog after mashing the keys wildly in an attempt to dial up AOL, hence career suggestions like ‘Find a man and have children’.

Other eye-opening oh god it’s so clear why didn’t I think of that before? suggestions included ‘Be a poet’ and ‘Publish a book’. Both of which obviously came from people who live on air and daylight alone. Sadly, I’m one of those materialistic types that need food and stuff, and as such I don’t think these are immediately viable options.

Lots of suggestions for cake making, although I know who voted for this and they just want free cake, or were thinking about cake at the time, or had just had a piece of cake. Therefore results in this field cannot be trusted.

A surprising 15% of votes suggested that sticking with journalism would be the most sensible thing to do. Clearly voters in this category fall into three brackets: 1) People that have never actually read my blog before, or indeed any kind of news-based media, 2) People that are my parents, who ran around their village commandeering everyone’s IP address to vote for this option, lest I never actually manage to establish myself on any kind of career ladder, 3) People that are having a laugh. I also feel a bit insulted in that while 15% of people voted I stick with journalism, no-one, NO-ONE, has any faith in my tattooing ability. You have eyes, don’t you? Did you not see that picture?

Other great suggestions included: children’s TV presenter, drag racer and super hero. Unfortunately, I don’t really get on with kids, so I’ll have to veto the first one. As for drag racing, because I live in Cardiff and not near California’s NHRA, I think I might be a bit disadvantaged. Also, I drive a Rover.

However, I can certainly get on board with the super hero thing. If I take all the energy and effort I’m putting into finding a new job into learning to fly or shooting balls of fire from the palms of my hands, I’ll be saving the day left, right and centre in no time, right? Right? Oh.


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