24 Going on 14; Moving Home

So I have, like the prodigal son, returneth to my parents’ abode. Given that we’re currently experiencing the hottest weather this year I think that the moving faff yesterday went quite well, all things considered.

However, I’ve been back for just over 24 hours and already I’m considering taking off to London and working in a strip club (probably more money to be had than journalism, chortle chortle). The reasons for this are already vast in number, but lest I regress entirely into my 14 year-old self I shall refrain from describing them in all their infuriating irritating glory. Nonetheless I will say the following: Don’t ever let your mother near your personal possessions, just in case she picks up something *ahem* private, and then you have to sit opposite her at dinner, not meeting her eye but listening to her berate you for having the audacity to smoke outside, when she herself smoked around you until you were 18. Just saying, is all…


One thought on “24 Going on 14; Moving Home

  1. Hehe, oh dear, going that well already, eh?

    I’ve yet to have my first parental lecture (it must be a miracle) but the general mood this week has been miserable amongst all our fellow house movers. :-S Yup, we’re definitely morphing back into adolescence.

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