Is Everybody Having a Goooood Time?

Scream if you wanna go faster! Throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care! And so on.

Apparently unemployment isn’t all doom and gloom after all. In fact, it’s so not doom and gloom that this report by the LA Times (admittedly a little old now) has branded unemployment ‘FUNemployment’. Yeah!

Says the article, “It may not have entered our daily lexicon yet, but a small army of social media junkies with a sudden overabundance of time is busy Tweeting: ‘Funemployment road trip to Portland.’ ‘Funemployment is great for catching up on reading!’ ‘Averaging 3 rounds of golf a week plus hockey and bball. Who needs work?’

“Buoyed by severance, savings, unemployment checks or their parents, the funemployed do not spend their days poring over job listings. They travel on the cheap for weeks. They head back to school or volunteer at the neighborhood soup kitchen. And at least till the bank account dries up, they’re content living for today.”

Yeah we are! Woooo! Road trip anyone? I’ve got loads of time to kill! Oh, wait…sorry, my mistake. I was, in my deep pit of unemployment (UNemployment) related despair, busy fantasising that I was someone else because this is definitely not the situation I’m in at the moment.

I personally am ‘buoyed’ by neither severance or savings. I have accepted the charitable donation of rent-free accommodation from my parents, but they certainly don’t see me around the golf course three times a week, and tomorrow, for the first time in my life and after nearly three months unemployed, I shall be signing on for JSA. And I suspect, unless I’ve gotten the wrong end of this benefits malarkey, that my weekly payment from Brown et al is not going to support me while I go travelling on the cheap for ‘weeks on end.’

Furthermore, I’m physically unable to spend time away from the computer. Every minute that I’m not vigorously refreshing my email or scouring the web for jobs is time spent in a chronic state of anxiety and twitchiness; job related things could be happening and I’d be too busy flouncing around making margaritas and catching up on my reading to notice.

Perhaps this is indicative of the difference in attitude towards work between us and those crazy yanks, or perhaps that article was written predominantly on the back of interviews with kids whose parents all well off enough to buy them a golf course should their wee hearts desire it.

Perhaps though, Fifel had the right idea all along and the streets of America really are paved with gold. If society can, in the face of foreclosures and bankruptcy and redundancies, kick its feet up and think about hitting the beach instead of looking for a new job, then that’s a society I’d gladly make a pilgrimage to. If I can take my laptop.


2 thoughts on “Is Everybody Having a Goooood Time?

  1. Nic says:

    You should write them a letter and post the reply. I’d love to know how they respond to “funning” a global problem, one that is affecting their fellow journos.

  2. charlie_elise says:

    Unbelievable. What happened to ‘job seeking is a full-time occupation’?

    Signing on isn’t fun, I know. Don’t let them grind you down while you’re there.

    Hang on in there. I for one can’t wait to get bungalowed with the magslags next week 🙂

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