Political Pot Calls Kettle

So… Question Time on Thursday night. That was a bit of a ‘must see’, wasn’t it? Well, it was for anyone keen on exploring their own political agenda, probably not so much for all the folk who’ve already formed their own fashionable opinions based on the general consensus of the herd. (More on this phenomenon here).

I deliberately didn’t watch it on Thursday night because it was on quite late and I knew I’d end up getting angry. And trying to get a decent 8 hours ahead of deadline day while seething with fury is not a great idea.

And I knew I’d be furious, even though I hadn’t even seen it, even though it hadn’t even happened yet. Why? Because of the sheer volume of unbelievably stupid individuals mouthing off about the BNP.

I don’t subscribe to the ideals of the BNP. However, considering the party got nearly one million votes in the European elections and new reports suggest that 22% of the population would consider voting for them, I’m pretty sure that they had every frickin’ right to appear on the programme. And all the ultra-left idiots that think otherwise clearly have no bloody idea how democracy works; democracy, which underpins the very ethos they’re bleating about in light of the BNP’s policies. To have banned Griffin from appearing on Question Time would be to have exercised ostracisation . And isn’t that the very thing the happy-clappy political correctness sycophants are so staunchly against?

Utter hypocrisy. And it’s because jaw-dropping instances of stupidity like this are so cushioned and pandered to by the current government that so many people voted for the BNP in the first place.


One thought on “Political Pot Calls Kettle

  1. I was actually in the BBC building for a recording of TV Burp when it was all kicking off. It was all very weird and tense when we were watching the live updates of protestors breaking in. They were all astoundingly clueless though bless them.

    I couldn’t help but giggle to myself over the base irony of a group of anti-fascists going to extreme lengths to ban a democratically elected party appearing on TV. But it is their right to do so.

    (Found you via the billy-no-job blog!)

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