Designers, look away now

And journalists. And people with any grasp of grammar and spelling. And anyone hoping for a credible new London paper to fill the shoes of the theLondonpaper and London Lite. If there’s anyone left, take a look at the new London Weekly and tell me, on a scale of one to ten, how difficult it was to resist tearing your eyes out. LOOK AT IT:

As one of my esteemed journo peers commented, if we’d churned that out in Journalism School we’d have been skinned. Yes, as The Guardian points out, nobody said it was going to be a quality paper, but I’m pretty sure even my local AdMag manages to get people’s names right and understands how to use apostrophes. Well, most of the time.

You can see the whole mess here. Thanks, London Weekly, for adding this ridiculous dynamic to the already disintegrating journalism industry!


One thought on “Designers, look away now

  1. What’s worse is that this kind of thing doesn’t even surprise me anymore. Further evidence the divide between people who create jobs and people who can DO jobs has become more of a gaping chasm.

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